Are you looking for a waste disposal service at City Centre in Dublin? Look no further, if you have already reached Skip Hire Dublin, your one-stop waste disposal shop in Dublin. We are offering skip hire services at Dartry, covering all areas of Dublin 6.

Whether you are cleaning your premises or houses or offices, we offer a skip hire service suitable for your requirements. Our skip hire service is reliable, efficient, on time and affordable. Depending on different types of needs, we offer skips of various sizes that can meet any general and custom needs. Our bins are general and tailor made to meet any common to specific needs.


Given below are the spectacular ranges of our waste disposal services


  • Garbage collection for all residents
  • Eco Stations for household waste and other type of waste
  • Blue bag recycling and decomposing collection for single family homes
  • 22 community recycling depots
  • Big bin events for large items
  • Litter collection
  • Assisted waste collection
  • Processing and Disposal
  • Composting Facility
  • Blue bin recycling at apartments
  • Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
  • Full processing and transfer station
  • Landfill gas recovery
  • Electrical and electronic waste removing and recycling
  • Landfill disposal


Our objectives


  • To be a globally preferred organization with cutting-edge solution, state-of-the-art services and sincere customer care.
  • Create a steady bottom line and channelize our entire workforce through a proper distribution channel.
  • Develop an effective rubbish disposal model and use environmentally-friendly cleaning process.
  • Ensure cost-effective skip hire services to meet almost all types of household, commercial and industrial needs.


Our visions

  • Ensure best quality skip hire solution at the most reasonable rate.
  • Offering customer centric solution
  • Raise the bar of the excellence in the industry with honesty, fidelity and cost effective solutions.
  • Build a very good community relation.
  • Prove us as a socially responsible organization.


We are ready to serve you with wide array of our services.