When undertaking a major DIY project, garden makeover, or just having that long overdue clear out, life can be made so much easier by hiring a skip.

Below we look at just some of the benefits:

1) Helps you to tidy up as you go along, keeping all rubbish and debris contained in a single place. Just one example, how many times have you walked past someones back garden and seen an old sink or bath, not a great look!

2) Saves you from having to make numerous trips back and forth to your local waste depot. Which of course saves you time, but can also save you money (on fuel). It can also save you from messing up your own transport.

3) Saves you manually having to separate all the rubbish into different containers, which can sometimes be a time consuming and messy job.

4) Hiring a skip from a reputable skip hire firm gives you piece of mind knowing that your waste is being disposes of in an environmentally friendly manner, which is extremely important.

5) Skips can be hired in a variety of different sizes, meaning you can choose one to suit individual needs and budget.

When looking to hire a skip there are a few things you should be aware of:

Depending on where you live and where you would like the skip to reside (for example on a public road) you may require a permit, if this is the case the skip hire company will likely point this out to you (and may even be able to obtain the permit on your behalf, again this depends where you live, as some councils require the tenant/homeowner to personally apply for the permit). Alternately you can give your local council a call or take a look on their website.

For health and safety reasons that are certain things which you are not permitted to dispose of in a skip, just a few of these items include, batteries, gas canisters, aerosols, tyres, food, food waste, medical supplies. A mentioned above these are just a few of the items, you will be able to obtain a full list from your chosen skip hire company.

If you have a skip hire company already in mind, it is well worth visiting their web site (if applicable) to see if they have supplied details of their waste management policy, many will detail exactly how they go about disposing of the waste, and their recycling policy, which is this day and age is extremely important to most of us. If they do not have a website, don’t be afraid to ask them about their waste management policies, most reputable companies will be very proud of the policies they uphold and will be more that happy to give you as much information as you want.